Families are at the center of everything Family Continuity represents. We are proud of our agency's strengths-focused traditions and we embrace families from that perspective. Family is not limited to nuclear relationships; it encompasses extended family members, peers, housemates, neighbors and community. We believe a strong family circle promotes resiliency and supports healthy lives for individuals of all ages.


We believe strong communities promote healthy families. We help families in their own communities - supporting them through professional and other non-traditional services. We value the people we serve, funders and colleague agencies as our partners when responding to community needs.


We promote positive societal and community change on behalf of vulnerable families. We strive to see the world from the perspective of the individuals being served, to support their ability to speak for themselves.


Family Continuity has been a leader in family-focused services for more than two decades. We are pioneers in home-based and wraparound services. Our professional, diverse staff is committed to those we serve and is set apart by our passion, spirit and hope.


Our innovative approach to service delivery includes a creative, nontraditional continuity of care, and our strengths-based approach lets families guide their own service plans. We believe that each of us, regardless of circumstance, is capable of personal growth and that change is always possible.


The agency believes in the equality of all people and their right to live, work, play and access services. We advocate for equality, to increase awareness, build trust, break down stereotypes, stigma and communication barriers, and build mutual respect and understanding of our differences.

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